Classroom FAQ

Is the course approved by the Virginia DMV and Virginia Courts?
Yes. Our Drive Improvement Course is approved by the Virginia Courts and the DMV of Virginia.
How much does the course cost and what methods of payment do you accept?
The cost of the class is $68.00. We are consistently the lowest priced school in the area. We accept CASH or MONEY ORDER only.
How many points will I receive for attending the class?
If you take our class voluntarily, you will be awarded 5 points upon the completion of the course. If you have been directed by the Courts or DMV to take this class, they will decide if you get the points.
Is there a test?
Yes. There is a 50 question final exam at the end of the day. We cover all the material on the test during the course.
What happens if I fail the final exam?
We have a 99% pass rate on our final exam. If you have trouble passing we will provide you with study material and you are free to re-test as many times as you need, at no additional charge. Per Virginia DMV rules, you are only allowed to re-take the test once per day.
Will you notify DMV once I have finished the course?
Yes. Within 24 hours we will electronically notify DMV that you have completed the course.
Do I get a certificate the same day?
Yes. Once you have passed the final exam you will receive your certificate of completion.
Who has to take a driver improvement class?
If you are convicted of a demerit-point traffic violation (or a safety belt or child restraint violation) committed when you were under the age of 20, you will be required to complete a DMV approved driver improvement clinic. Drivers who fall below an acceptable point total will also be DMV directed to take the course.
Can I take the driver improvement course online if I am under the age of 20?
No. If you are under the age of 20, you must satisfactorily complete a course that provides classroom instruction. Some courts in the area prohibit you from taking the course online, regardless of age.
How do I register for the course?
You can register online. We DO NOT require payment in advance.
What happens if I miss the class?
Failure to complete a DMV Ordered or Court Ordered required class could result in your privilege to drive being suspended. If you miss a scheduled class, simply call to reschedule.
What do I need to bring to class?
A healthy attitude, the class fee in cash or money order, and a photo ID.
How long is the class?
All classes are 8 hours as mandated by DMV. Lunch and breaks are not included in the 8 hours.